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Shri Kshatriya Vidyarthi Pratibha Pareeksha 22-23 Syllabus

Updated: Jan 12, 2023 6:30 PM

Syllabus English language (Test 1)

Vocabulary, Clause analysis, Prepositions, synthesis of sentences, One Word Substitution, Close Test , Idioms and Phrases ,Basic English with reference to Education, Comprehension Test(SSC Level), Reading Comprehension, One word Substitution Group of Words (SSC Level) , Misspelt Correctly Spelt; word selection (SSC Level),relationship based problems , Pronoun, Common Errors (SSC Level), Direct Indirect Speech( SSC Level), Direct and Indirect Speech, transformation of sentences, Spoting Similar and dissimilar Words, Adjectives , Noun, Rearrangement of Sentences, Synonyms (SSC Level) , Conjuction and Interjection, Active and Passive Transformation of Sentences, Fill in the Blanks (SSC Level) , Adverb, Articles, English language for Teacher Selection Exams , Improvement of Sentence , Verb, Para Jumbles, Sentence Correction, Active and Passive Voice, Phrase Replacement, Error Detections, Mis-spelt and inappropriation, Arrangement of Sentences , Antonyms (SSC Level) ,

Syllabus- General Knowledge (English/Hindi Medium)(Test 2)

Geography of India Industry, Economic Development & Planning, Geography of India, Indian Industry , Everyday Biology, Physical geography Atmosphere Geosphere, General Science, Geography of India Drainage system Rivers and Lakes, Indian Constitution, Economic and Social Development, Ethics and Decision making Gk, Indian History(Ancient And Medievel), Biology, Manav Samaj aur Iska Vikas , Environment Ecology Geography of world, Defense and Nano Technology, Geography of India GK of states, Indian Art and Culture, Human Resource and Economic Development, Geography of World Atmosphere Vayumandal, World and Indian Preview Gk, Indian Geography and Economics, Geography of India Transportation, Books and writers , Geography of India Agriculture and Soil, Bio Diversity, Current Affairs, Geography of India, Economic Concepts and Indian Economy, Sports and awards, Geography of World Lithosphere Sthal Mandal, Awards and Honor, Brahmand Aur Srushti Arambh, Geography of India Minerals and Energy, History, Geography of India Vegetation and wild life, World Geography Solar System; United Nation and International Organizations , Science & Technology, Constitutional Development & Indian Constitution , Geography of India Physical Divisions, Geography of India Population, World Economic Geography, Everyday Physics, Geography of World, Geography of World Hydrosphere Jalmandal, Public Policy & Rights; Judicial and Rights Issues , Paryavaran Aur Sansadhan, Indian Political System and Administration, Sports, Geography of India Monsoon and Climate, HIstory of India Ancient, Climate Change, Indian History(Modern Period), Geography of World , Indian Political System and Governance, Indian Polity and Constitution, General Science and Daily Science, National Economy and Agriculture, History Of India Medieval India, HIstory of Modern India, Indian National Movement, Everyday Chemistry,

Syllabus- Maths(English/Hindi Medium)(Test 3)

Simple and Compound interest (SSC Level) , Pipe and Cistern (SSC Level) , Statistics, Permutation and Combination, Geometry, Mixture Alligation (SSC Level ) , Planes and Curved Surfaces, Age Calender and Clocks, Maths for Teachers Exam, Data Interpretation,Sufficiency & Analysis, Average, Speed,Time, Work and Distance, Mensuration, Discount Batta (SSC Level ) AVERAGE (SSC Level) Trigonometry (SSC Level ) LCM HCF (SSC Level)SIMPLIFICATION (SSC Level)Co-ordinate Geometry, Charactortistics of computer, Ratio and Proportion (SSC Level) Partenership, Profit and loss(SSC Level), Directions, Percentage SSC Level, Exponent, Mensuration Kshetramiti SSC Level, Geometry SSC Level, Mixture, Area and Perimeter, Square and Square Roots, POWER INDICES SURD(Ghat Karni)SSC Level, Volume and Surface Area, Sequence and Series SSC Level, Equations, Probability, Solid Geometry, Algebra Level,Decimals, Cube and Cube Roots, Statistics and Data Interpretation SSC Level, Quadritic Equations, Algebra, Boat and Streams SSC Level, Series, Number System SSC Level,BODMAS, Ratio and Proportions, Composite and Prime number , Fractions Concept of Fraction , Distance and Time SSC Level

Syllabus- Reasoning (English/Hindi Medium)(Test 4)

Blood Relation,Counting figures (VR), Cubes and Dice(Non Verbal Reasoning), Cubes and Dices(VR), Direction and distance Sense Test(VR), Inserting Missing Character or Number(VR), Logic(VR), Word Based Problem (VR), Clock Time Age Calendar (VR), Number Ranking and Time Sequence Test(VR), Logical Sequence of words(VR), Seating Arrangement (VR), Syllogism Statement and Conclusion Mathametical Operations(VR), Paper Folding(Non Verbal Reasoning), Classification (VR), Situation Reaction Test(VR), Water Image (Non Verbal Reasoning), Mirror Image (Non Verbal Reasoning), Alphabetical and Number series, Ranking Arrangement Problem Solving Puzzle , number shreni,Akshr Shreni,Bemel Cunana,Coding Decoding,Venn Diagram SSC Previous Years Papers , Arrangements of words, Deriving Conclusions From Passages(VR), Input Output(VR), Syllogism(VR), Data Sufficiency(VR), Statement Assumption(VR), Analogy (Non Verbal Reasoning), Analogy Similarity (Non Verbal)Spotting out of Embedded Figure (Non Verbal Reasoning), Completion of Figure( Non Verbal), Series Completion, Quadritic Equations, Missing Number, Jumbling(VR), Classification,Statement Argument(VR), Dictionary (VR), Rule Detection(Non Verbal Reasoning), Inequality (VR), Series (Non Verbal) Word Formation, Analytical Reasoning (Non Verbal Reasoning), Relationships, Paper Cutting and Folding Non Verbal, Grouping of Identical Figure(Non Verbal Reasoning), Symbols and Notation, Theme Detection(VR), Time Date Year Calender,Classification Non Verbal,Venn Diagrams (VR), Assertion and Reason(VR), Conclusion from Passege(VR), Puzzle Test(VR), Ranking Test (VR), Figure Matrix(Non Verbal Reasoning), Analogy Similarity, Distance and Direction, Series(Non Verbal Reasoning), Eligibility Test(VR), Counting Figures, Verification of Truth of the Statement(VR), Arithmetic Problem,Embedded Figure Non Verbal Previous Years Papers, Directions, Cause and Effect Reasoning(VR), Reasoning & Mental Ability, Mirror and Water Image Non Verbal,Construction of Square and Triangles(Non Verbal Reasoning), Completion of Incomplete Pattern(Non Verbal Reasoning), Blood Relation(VR), Coding Decoding(VR), Figure Formation and Analysis(Non Verbal Reasoning), Venn Digram, Statement Conclusion(VR), Arithmetical Reasoning(VR), Matrix (VR), Dot Situation(Non Verbal Reasoning), Logical Venn Diagram(VR), Alpha Numeric Sequence Test Latter Series(VR), Cubes and Dices , Decision Making(VR), Word formation (VR), Analogies, Statement Courses of Action(VR), Alphabet Test(VR), Analogy or Similarity(VR), Classification (Non Verbal Reasoning), Paper Cutting(Non Verbal Reasoning),

Syllabus - Rajsthan General Knowledge (Hindi Medium)(Test 5)

General Knowledge of Rajsthan Princely states of Rajasthan and British treaties, Geography Of Rajasthan, RTI Right to Information in Rajsthan , Cattles of Rajasthan, History,Art,culture,litreture, Tradition and Heritages of Rajasthan, Political Awakening in Rajasthan with reference of women, Water Conservation in Rajasthan, Commissions of Rajasthan , Folk Dance,folk Music and Folk Instrumentals of Rajasthan, Education in Rajsthan , Districts and Divisions of Rajasthan , Paintings and Handicraftes Of Rajasthan, Miscellaneous Rajasthan General Knowledge , Transport in Rajasthan, Energy sources in Rajasthan, Unification of Rajasthan, Situation and Expansion od Raj, Election Commission of Rajasthan , Defense and Nano Technology, Cooperative in Rajsthan , Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan, High Court of Rajasthan , Consumers Protection in Rajsthan , 1857 Movements of Rajasthan British Rule in Rajsthan , Drainage System(Apwah Tantra) of Rajsthan, Prehistoric Civilizations of Rajasthan, Rajsthan Current Affairs 2021, RPSC Rajasthan Public Service Commission , Historical Tourists Places and Tourism Industry of Rajasthan, Prajamandal Movement in Rajasthan, History,Art,Culture.Traditions and Heritages of Rajasthan, Rajsthan State Women's Rights Commission(Rajya Mahila Ayog), Personalties of Rajasthan, Religious Movements And Lok devta of Rajasthan, Lokayukt of Rajasthan , Economy of Rajasthan and Economic Surveys , Poverty Unemployment Development Program Social Welfare Medical and Health in Rajsthan , Forts of Rajasthan , Agriculture Climate and climate of Rajasthan, Rajsthan Finance Commission of State, Famine and Drought in Rajsthan , Sources of Rajasthan History Inscriptions and coins , River Velley Projects Of Rajasthan Irrigation Projects , Soils of Rajasthan, Administrative Units and District Administration in Rajsthan , Vegitation,forest and Wild life of Rajasthan , Rajsthani Culture,Tradition and Heritages, Economic Planning of Rajasthan , Rajsthan Political- Rajya Vidhan Mandal (Legislature), Political and Administrative System Of Rajasthan, Mineral Resources of Rajasthan, Physical Divisions of Rajasthan , History Dynesties and their Achievements,Moughal Rajput Relations,Important forts,Monuments and Structures of Rajasthan, Agricultural Trible Prajamandal Movements in Rajasthan, Paryavaran Aur Sansadhan, Local Self Government in Rajsthan Rural and Urban , Industries of Rajasthan, Rajsthan Political- Governor ,Chief Minister and Cabinet Rajasthan Political , Tribes of Rajasthan , Rajsthan State Human Rights Commission(Manvadhikar Ayog), Rajasthani Languege,Dilects and literature of Rajasthan, Human Resources and Population of Rajasthan , Paryavaran Adhyayan, Economy And Sectors of Rajasthan , Agriculture in Rajsthan ,

Syllabus- Hindi Language(Test 6)

Karak, English ke Prashasnik Paribhashik Takniki shabdo ke samanarthak Hindi Shabd, Avyay, Sangya, Ras evm Alankar , Vakyaansh Ke Liye ek Sarthak Shabd, Shabd Yugma, Vachya -krutvachya,karmvachya evm bhav vachya, Tatsam evm Tadbhav, Adhyapak Pareeksha ke liye Hindi Bhasha, Muhaavare Aur Lokoktiyan, Sandhi Aur Sandhi Vichched, Shabd Shuddhi, Samanarthi Shabd Prayog Bhed, Vakya vichar Viram Chinh,Sarvnam, Vartani evm Vachan, Kal, Upsarg Aur Pratyay, Samas Aur Samas Vigrh, Kriya-Sakarmak,Akarmak,Poorva Kalik, Ashuddhiya, Anekarthak Shabd Saman Ucharan shbd Prayog Bhed, Vakya Shuddhi Uchcharan Ashuddhi, Paryayvachi evm Vilom Shab , Visheshan, Ling, Paragraph and comprehension ,

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